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Chattel Mortgage

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What is Chattel Mortgage? 

Chattel Mortgage is where the purchaser – a business in most cases – takes out a loan to purchase movable property. The property purchased is referred to as the Chattel.

At the time of purchase, the individual or business owns the Chattel; however the lender secures the loan with a mortgage for it. Once the loan has been repaid the mortgage is removed.

Chattel Mortgages are often used by companies, businesses, partnerships and sole traders to finance business equipment, machinery, tools or work vehicles.

Benefits of Chattel Mortgage

  • Flexible contract terms
  • A residual value or balloon payment can be applied to the contract, tailoring the regular payments to suit your budget
  • Tax Deductions can be made on vehicles and equipment used for business purposes
  • Those who are registered for GST can claim the GST in a vehicle price as an input credit on their next Business Activity Statement (BAS)
  • Interest rates are lower as the loan is financed against the Chattel

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